Accelerate COVID-19 Engagement with TrustAssure™

The TrustAssure™ Solution Suite is an multi stakeholder engagement
platform that Consumers, Laboratories, Healthcare Providers, Health Plans,
and Public Health Authorities can access and communicate vital health
information for real-time risk assessment to manage the COVID-19 pandemic
and other public health emergencies.

TRUSTASSURE™ for the Consumer

Mobile Application Solutions

Lab Test Ordering and Results Archiving

No more waiting in long lines to get tested with TrustAssure. COVID-19 Lab tests can be scheduled directly through the mobile app.

When lab results are published a patient receives a notification alerting them to check the app.

Patients will be able to download lab results and related clinical reports and share them with their employer or business of their choice as certified proof of health status.

VERA (Viral Encounter Risk Assessment)

VERA answers two critical questions; What is the risk of where I’ve been? What is the risk of where I’m going?

VERA receives data from multiple public health sources and layers validated lab results of positive COVID-19 tests to track viral outbreak utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a heat map with varying degrees of amplification to provide consumers with the ability to assess risk in real-time of commercial locations in and around their immediate vicinity.


Once a consumer identity is verified by TransUnion and a negative COVID-19 lab test result is received a TrustAssure Pass QR CODE is generated as proof of health status.

The default life span of a TrustAssure pass is 30 days requiring the consumer to be retested on or before the expiration date to maintain healthy status on the pass. Some businesses or employers may require more recent test results based on their own best practice determinations.

Powered By Medical and IT Expertise

We understand the pressures of modern healthcare and will help you bridge the gap between medicine and information technology. Our U.S.-based team of experienced lab and IT experts are ready and eager to help your lab embrace the future of healthcare
connectivity. We solve your most complicated issues, creating a better experience for labs, providers, and patients

TrustAssure™ for Healthcare Providers


Turn your providers into customers for life. Give them fast, secure portal access to lab and diagnostic test results.

The TrustAssure™ Provider Lab Portal powered by CLX Health allows access to the most current lab and diagnostic data anytime, from anywhere you have internet connectivity. Built on a secure, unified workflow platform, the web-based physician portal is interactive and easy to navigate.

Layered on top of existing workflow platforms, this free provider web portal solution works together can be integrated with your organization’s existing medical record information systems to deliver a complete healthcare picture. We leverage your current infrastructure and optimize your existing investment without the cost of replacing it. The provider web portal can process clinical lab data, pathology, radiology, microbiology, AP, cytopathology and cardiology seamlessly via any web browser.

TrustAssure™ Provider Lab Portal Benefits

The TrustAssure™ Provider Lab Portal powered by CLX Health can help hospitals, hospitals systems, ACOs, clinical labs, diagnostics labs, independent lab entities, commercial laboratory companies, diagnostic imaging centers, anatomic pathology groups, IDNs, molecular labs, and esoteric labs satisfy the demands to connect with providers via browser-based, on-demand, and superior portal solutions.

Key Features

Coming Soon

The TrustAssure™ Mobile Doc Solution

Receiving laboratory test results for your patients to a mobile device has never been easier.

Mobile Doc delivers real-time access to laboratory, pathology and diagnostic imaging results to any registered hand-held device using iOs and Android platform. Primary and referring physicians will be able to receive critical value alerts on the go. Conveniently configurable filters allow physicians to personalize screen information to their own preference.

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